Quiz engineer

Quiz engineer

  • Version 1.0
  • If you need to use quiz system on your site it will be great solution to get this peace of code.
    This quiz has next advantages

    • Quiz is written in Angular.js that gives big flexibility and scalability
    • Data of the quiz is uploading from server using Ajax calls in Angular
    • Quiz have advantage to memorize user answers
    • There is chart for percentage displaying what user answers are correct, what are mistakes and what are not answered
    • When the test starts there is the function of typing user name
    • All dist files are minified that allows browser quickly downloading from server
    • Source files are written on preprosessors jade, sass,using framework compass
    • The foreground of the the quiz engeneer is Node.js and taskrunner Gulp.js
    • You can also change the count of question in quiz from 1 to 20

    ## Docs of this is on link http://portfolioex6.esy.es/docs.html

    More download links

    Link for download. User database file links. 


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