Memorable Quotes App With CMS – iOS

Memorable Quotes App With CMS – iOS


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Memorable Quotes is a fully functional and responsive ios app using air runtime and developed in Adobe Flash. What sets our app apart from other conventional apps is its attachement to details, which can be seen in a beautiful, unconventional design accompanied by multiple animations (animated letter, envelope, coffee, and desk lamp) that make the app almost alive and very exquisite. On top of that, the app is integrated with the two most significant social platforms, Twitter and Facebook, which undoubtedly not only will increase the apps exposure, but they will make sharing interesting quotes much easier. We also added an external data base containing all the random messages that our application will display in the letter to enable our users real-time and trouble-free updates.

Key features:

  • Unique and beautiful design
  • Animated elements of the interface
  • Support: iPhone, iPad
  • Multilanguage support
  • External data base (update your app in real time)
  • Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook)
  • More, Rate, Exit buttons
  • Sounds includes
  • Scalable UI
  • iOS: Air, Flash support
  • Compatible platforms: iOS
  • Detailed help files in PDF
  • No plugin required

Questions and Answers:

  • FOR BEGINNERS: only few minutues from start to finish
  • YES you can use all graphics
  • YES you can modify everything
  • YES all information are managed from the admin panel
  • YES it’s very easy to use – even for beginners (All the biggest problems we solved: scalable content, communication with server, difference solution and market)

Android version:

Memorable Quotes App With CMS – iOS

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Memorable Quotes App With CMS – iOS Nulled