Crossy Way – Hopper Game Template

Crossy Way – Hopper Game Template

Download the game : here


Crossy Way is Hopper Game, if you know ‘Crossy Road’ yeah, the gameplay is like that. Just jump forward and reach the high score.


  • Unity 3D
  • Leaderboard
  • Achievement
  • Admob Banner and Interstitial
  • Video Ads, Unity Ads
  • Easy to reskin
  • Mobile Optimized

Important Notice

If you buy this template, you accept this following requirements

  • Source Code only. You can use the source code only. Not the assets (except sound)
  • If you want to publish on Google Play, you must change all of the assets (except sound). If you still using this assets, you will got rejected from google play.
  • This template is using Unity 4.6, why? Mobile performance is better with this version. But you can using Unity 5 too, I not recommend with Unity 5 above.

Nice Documented and Tutorial

For purpose easy reskin, I’m create a video tutorial and documentation. You can check video here

3D Models

I will create some assets that you can using, you can visit here : soon

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Crossy Way – Hopper Game Template Nulled