Awesome Game Mockup: Emperors Temple

Awesome Game Mockup: Emperors Temple

Emperors Tomb – Complete game creation kit, from “Awesome Game Mockup” collection. This asset suit for game developers, or indie game developers who want to make incredible platform action game for desktop or mobile platforms.

What you get?

  • Dungeon pack – A set of vector objects and tiles, designed to create incredible dungeons. You can scale it at any size, without losing it’s quality(In fact, to obtain the best results, it is recommended to scale with the power of two)
  • More than one hundred and forty blocks and decorative elements based on 64×64 resolution plus attractive decorative objects
  • Actors pack – A set of smooth animated pixel perfect (rasterized) actors, including hero sprites (walk, jump, idle, death parts), enemies, spikes, obstacles e.t.c. Original and double sized.
  • Fully customizable vector and rasterized elements
  • 64×64 and128×128 transparent PNG files

Important notice

  • Font not included! As example, Calibri BOLD typeface used
  • All elements from Perfect Dungeon pack is vectorized. In fact, you can buy it separate (see my portfolio)
  • All elements from Perfect Actors pack is rasterized elements (sourse included). In fact you can scale it with power of two without lose its quality
  • Cheers!

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