Aeonian Slider

Aeonian Slider

Aeonian Slider is jSon based slider, It’s convert jSon object to HTML.
It’s responsive and fastest loading slider with search functionality and some other features.


  • Carousel (Option for set different number of slides for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)
  • YouTube and HTML5 videos in slides
  • Full screen
  • Thumbnails, bullets or HTML
  • Multiple sliders allowed on one page
  • Select slide by GET method in URl
  • Customizable interface (show/hide next previous arrows, pagination and editable class name)
  • Fastest loading slider
  • CSS3 animation
  • Option for circulation of slides
  • Search in slides
  • Pagination & Navigation controls
  • Include LESS
  • Responsive
  • Autoplay support
  • Updates are free forever

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