Imgholdr – Image & Icon Placeholder (PHP Scripts) All4share

Imgholdr is a placeholder that can use an image or an icon for your project. URL Parameters <thead> Parameter Description Default Required </thead> <tbody> size Format: {width}x{height} 420×320 i.e.×320 /or×320 420×320 Yes background Background color in HEX [...]


eCourier & Cargo Management System (Help and Support Tools) All4Share

Our courier softwares allows you to access and manage your online courier business from anywhere in the world, simply login via the password-protected administrative area and [...]

Cat Adventure – Android Platformer Game with Admob (Games) All4Share

Cat Adventure! is an android platformer game, build using Buildbox, easy to edit with Eclipse, Android Studio or Buildbox. FeaturesAdmob Banner & Interstitial. Music On/Off [...]

Bubbles world – HTML5 fun game + Mobile control + AdMob (Games) All4Share

This game is very simple! You need to pop the bubbles and having fun. Bubbles, which can cause you damage: Normal bubble triple bubble Bubble with armor Quantum bubble Bubble [...]

Super Jambo World With AdMob And Leaderboard (Games) All4Share

DESCRIPTION Super Jambo World is an IOS Arcade game template. The code is written in COCOS2d, compatible with XCODE 10 How To Play: use the buttons to move farward , lmake [...]

Material Android Alarm (Full Applications) All4Share

Introduction – ALARM is a cool application to help lazy boys/girls to get up.Yes, we are all lazy in the morning :DAlarm not only provides a very soothing ringtone which [...]

Magento 2 Advanced Features for Downloadable Product (Magento Extensions) All4Share

Overview Magento 2 has a lot of features, it also supports merchants selling downloadable products. With downloadable products, there are some disadvantages. In other words, [...]

Echo RSS Feed Post Generator Plugin for WordPress (Miscellaneous) All4Share

In Greek mythology, Echo (from ἦχος (ēchos), meaning “sound”) was an Oread who fell in love with Zeus. She loved spreading the word about her love. Like Echo, this [...]

Radio App | Universal Radio App (Swift 3) Free Support (Full Applications) All4Share

Radio App | Universal Radio App for iOS devicesThe project does not require documentation because WE DO EVERYTHING in YOUR place, if you buy a Extended License! Radio App is a [...]

YouFly – watch youtube videos in floating window (Full Applications) All4Share

YouFly Allows you to watch your favorites videos from youtube in a floating window on Android , and play YouTube videos in the background to listen music  videos with the [...]

Links to Sitemap Converter (Windows) All4Share

I don’t need to explain how much important it is to have a sitemap for your website. But if your CMS does not support this feature, then you will have trouble in getting [...]

Story Online Offline App (Full Applications) All4Share

Welcome to the Story Online Offline.Story Online Offline Application is creating for a story book Android Application. the Story Online Offline App you can publish Story Apps [...]

Easy Social Feed (Social Networking) All4Share

Easily add a social feed to your website. Main features: - 4 social networks integration (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) - Choose from multiple templates - Easily [...]

Mouple – The PHP Newsletter (PHP Scripts) All4Share

Welcome to Mouple!Mouple is a php newsletter created for the bloggers. You can easily manage the posts and the advertisments, check the website’s stats, see ads and much [...]

jQuery File Upload in MVC (Miscellaneous) All4Share

File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bars, validation and preview images, audio and video for jQuery.Using technologies: MVC 5 jQuery [...]

AZEXO HTML Library (Miscellaneous) All4Share

Requirements: 1. This plugin work only with AZEXO HTML Customizer plugin 2. WP Less plugin to manage accent colorsHow to start: 1. after plugin activation – page HTML editor [...]

Super Forms – Zapier (Forms) All4Share

Super Forms – Zapier – v1.0 available for download! With this Add-on for Super Forms you can connect your forms with your custom made Zap on Click here to [...]

Multiple Restaurant System Takeaway Amigos (PHP Scripts) All4Share

Takeawayamigo is a Multiple Restaurant System and restaurant food ordering system. This is a clone of Justeat clone Hungryhouse clone GrubHub clone Eat24 Clone Mobile apps [...]

Onepage Order Cart System (Shopping Carts) All4Share

Onepage Checkout is an checkout page built for making quikly purchases on your website. it’s fully Dynamic PHP SCRIPT which you have easy to customized Order checkout. Its [...]

Daily Quotes Script (Miscellaneous) All4Share

Daily Quotes Script scrapes from WikiQuote quote of the day and showing 6 different languages. System Requirements PHP 5.5 or higher cURL extansion Features This script [...]

13 Games Bundle – 13 HTML5 Construct 2 Games (Games) All4Share

GAME LIST 1-Wordator 2-Target Hunt 3-Sky Ski 4-Isometric Puzzle 5-Gunslinger Duel 6-Dr.Rocket 7-Dodge 8-Deadfight 9-Cute Road 10-Cube Defence 11-Clock Puzzle 12-Carnival [...]

Jump Challenge – Game Mechanic(.capx) (Games) All4Share

Simple template mechanics Jump challenge Only 1 layout. sprites free / Kenney – Assets No required plugin third party. Comments in lines importants. Easy re-skin. Made [...]

Caveboy Fall (Games) All4Share

CAVEBOY FALL. Caveboy Fall is pixel arcade game, use keyboard navigation button to control your Player Features:. Game Made with Construct 2 . File Included HTML5 and CAPX [...]

Creepy Deep – Infinite Jumper Game (Games) All4Share

Creepy Deep is an endless vertical jumping game, which was inspired by the famous mobile jumping arcade – Doodle Jump. The game is built with HTML5 using Construct 2. Due to [...]

Easy Flashlight+ (Android) All4Share

Easy Flashlight+ app helps you out in the darkest of occasions. Use Easy Flashlight+ to find the perfect seat in a dark theater, or find your way around when the power goes [...]

ReDi Restaurant Booking plugin for WordPress (Calendars) All4Share

ReDi Restaurant Booking plugin allows you to easily manage reservations for your restaurant business.Plugin allows you to manage reservations for your restaurant business. [...]

The Red Girl -Gun Adventure: android game Template with admob +Buildbox & eclipse projet (Games) All4Share

WHEN YOU BUY THIS ITEM YOU’LL GET THE BUILDBOX 2 TEMPLATE AND ECLIPSE PROJECT. This template is very easy to reskin, which includes Eclipse steps to import the project and [...]

Universal Dictionary App (Full Applications) All4Share

Universal Dictionary App is a language translator application that includes a variety of foreign languages. This application is very easy to reskin, so you can make an [...]

Barcode Generator (Windows) All4Share

Barcodes have become common in package managing and product identifying, a laser scanner is used to display the code and converting it to some useful form obviating the need [...]

ZoomSounds – WordPress Cornerstone Waveform Audio Player (WordPress) All4Share

Want a nifty, cutting-edge, retina-ready, responsive html5 audio player for your site ? ZoomSounds is the perfect candidate. With four skins to fit every brand, only one [...]

Playday Time: Android, BuildBox Included, Easy Reskin, AdMob, RevMob, Remove Ads (Games) All4Share

Best value for money. No pain for our clients:BuildBox Project included even in a Regular License Libpng library issue is fixed Separated sprites, easy for reskin Detailed [...]

Playday Time: iOS, BuildBox Included, Easy Reskin, AdMob, RevMob, Remove Ads (Games) All4Share

Best value for money. No pain for our clients:BuildBox Project included even in a Regular License Separated sprites, easy for reskin Detailed documentation Hot Offer!!! [...]

Backend Live Preview for Visual Composer (Add-ons) All4Share

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between your preview and the backend Visual Composer editor just to check the changes you’ve made. Backend Live Preview gives you the [...]

Facebook Style illustrated background to text status for oobenn (Plugins) All4Share

If you like Facebook Style illustrated background to text status plugin don’t forget to rate it I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to [...]

Motion Detection | The #1 Fitness and Motion Detector App(Objective-c) (Utilities) All4Share

Have You Ever been in Someone’s car and wondering about how fast are you going? and you dont even know that there’s an application that lets you know that, or you may have [...]

Desert MotorBike | Buildbox & eclipse | Admob Integration (Games) All4Share

TRY THE GAME :!tFQV2JqD!EuyY7MWKjgZZxk_YHCptlg_YISbazGpdZ5mU_lPSrRAThe Game support android under 7.0 & 7.1 Enjoy ! Desert MotorBike Is a game that you need [...]

Unreal FlipBook Addon for Visual Composer WordPress Plugin (Media) All4Share

Unreal FlipBook is Visual Composer Add-on that allows to browse images, PDFs or HTMLs as a flipping book. It can be used for demonstration magazines, books, cards, [...]

TrainEasy – Training Management & Registration System (Project Management Tools) All4Share

TrainEasy is a powerful and easy to use training management and registration application. It is designed for businesses, NGOs, religious bodies and individuals who organize [...]

SVG Buttons (Buttons) All4Share

The Responsive SVG BUTTON is ready for Desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Simple to implement. Just copy the HTML and link to the CSS file. No JavaScript required! You can [...]

Flip Countdown, Responsive Flip Counter Plugin (Countdowns) All4Share

Flip is the web’s most advanced Flip Counter plugin. It’s easy to setup, amazingly flexible and ships with beautiful animations and presets. Whether you want to visualize [...]

Light Music and Radio Player (Media) All4Share

This is a jQuery audio and radio player based on HTML5 for playing single tracks from various sources of audio. It supports multi instances withing the same page so you can [...]